28 May, 2008

Caring Malaysian Wannabe

In my attempt to seem like a caring Malaysian.

In support of anti-racism.

You can visit http://www.malaysianartistesforunity.info/ for more info.

Haih, 2 more days of exams ... I'm breaking apart.
The 1st day of my exam was the blardy golfer's paper. While I was so ever focused in vomiting everything I've studied, I sense an intense stare.

And so I looked around to see where the 'kill air' (杀气 ) was coming from and whadya know? It was her.

Probably jealous of my 'focused look', which is ever so angelic (see that's how my name came about) and irresistible. (Okay, you may puke now)

You know what? Maybe she's secretly in love with me. (Oh, you know no one can resist me) And all this time she was trying to get my attention. Such effort ! Well, I can't stop others from falling madly in love with me right?

Better get back to work. It's 12.32 am and I still have tonnes to memorize.
Wish me luck !

3 footprints:

nAoKi said...

u study until u're loosing ur mind d.with tat kind of effort,i sure hope u do well in ur exam.

cr4zy/b3autiful said...

yeah studying has definitely made u go mad.. hahaha actually u are the one secretly in love with her la...if not why u "berperang" wit her? to get her attention mah... lol jkjk...good la ..next sem u no need to berjumpa wif your "lover" aredy...need my help to pass any love notes to her? ^_*

M00nie said...

naoki: haha ... hopefully so ...

zm: sure, do pass a msg on how much i'd 'miss' her ... how much i'd wish to snap a pic wif her ... haha ! btw, do enjoy ur private session during da hols ...